Monday, December 22, 2008

Artist/Designer Ulli Kampelmann Debuts 'Statements in Time' Fine Luxury Watch Collection

Ulli Kampelmann performed a dramatic Hollywood-style escape from Communist East Germany armed only with her artistic talents and pure intention. She became one of the most sought-after glass sculptresses/artists in Europe and is now living and creating here in the USA for the world.
Famous glass sculptress and designer Ulli Kampelmann, who stunned the German art world with her dramatic artworks, has set her sights and designs to fit the wrists of the rich and famous.
Joe Urich, former publisher/editor of an international magazine for luxury watch buyers, said, "Ulli has captured the mind of contemporary women around the world with her 'Pocket-Watch.' This is the ultimate Jeans-Watch. It looks like the back pocket of a pair of jeans. It boasts 100 diamonds and Ulli's trademarked signature and is made to be worn at the best-of-the-best restaurants and night clubs in New York or while shopping on Rodeo Drive. I love this watch and I can hear young ladies saying 'Blue Jeans and Ulli, that's all the time I need.'"
Her line of watches go beyond this fashionable Jeans-Watch with models that are familiar at first blush but "DIFFERENT" upon inspection.
Different is how you could describe Ulli too. Her story is impressive, adventurous, creative and like all famous artists it is full of wonderful achievements against adversities bigger than her sculptures. The difference between fine luxury watches that have been available and the ULLI designs is ULLI. ULLI is different.
It is one thing to create a watch because you like watches or if you are given the task of devising the next great watch design. It is quite another thing entirely to be the artist who becomes enamored with fine timepieces and then designs a watch because of the passion and the artistic need to do so. Ulli approaches watch design from the viewpoint of an artist with the eye of a sculptress.
Ulli created glass artworks and sculptures of all sizes. Not the easiest medium to work with, glass is heavy, hard and brittle but is also delicate, demanding and detailed, precisely like the fine timepieces she conceives now.
Ulli has been making her Moments in Time with glass and is now making Statements in Time with the very machines used to monitor and record those ever-fleeting ticks of life.
The designs and the attention to detail required to create a fine luxury watch that will endure through time have been accomplished.
The passion, creativity, and audacity to create a two-thousand-pound glass sculpture is pure and simply still being generated by ULLI. It's an adventure to meet and talk to her but be careful, her energy is contagious and her timepieces will capture your heart.

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