Friday, August 15, 1997

(from the Stuttgarter Zeitung
18 August 1997)

Ulli Kampelmann exhibits her glass art and light sculptures in the Stuttgart International Airport.
15 August through 15 October 1997

Glass is transparence, play of light, fascination. Glass is the big love of Ulli Kampelmann; painter, sculptor and action artist with studios in Berlin, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. She likes to use this sensitive material to play with color and shapes.

The shapes of her glass works and light sculptures are available to see in the Stuttgart International airport. There, they build synthesis. The nuances of color flow softly within each other: What remains is pure harmony and aesthetic.

The stele, folding screens and glass paintings are presented with the motto: “Glass art in Architecture”.

The day light and night light flows through her art and transforms again and again her manifold expression. This enigmatic substance allows the viewer three possibilities:
Sparks of sagacity, conceptual understanding and flashes of insight.

One color is dominating in the work of the artist. Ulli adores blue. Glowing, bright, deep blue. This expressive color stirs emotions and thoroughly enchants the viewer. No escape is possible. How Ulli employs the blue creates a magic fascination. The former rock ‘n’ roll singer has already placed her unique stamp on a variety of public and private buildings. She left her mark on numerous banks, the famous Berlin TV tower, the Art Nouveau style Public Baths in Karlsruhe, grand public fountains and Golf Clubhouses with her individual touch.

During the opening ceremony, Max Rossner from the Artists’ Association acknowledged Ulli Kampelmann for her vitality, creativity and steadfast instinct for harmony, order and equilibrium. “Ulli Kampelmann has a solid position in the contemporary art scene and she enriched public art with her many new ideas. She paints with light, employing the sky as her canvas.” says Rossner. “The artistic message from Ms. Kampelmann is ‘joy and beauty.’”

Klaus Schm√∂ller, chairman of the Architects’ Association also praised Ms. Kampelmann’s passion; her glass artworks and designs. He completed his speech with an alignment to Gerhard Hauptmann’s famous quote: “In Glass is Spirit.”

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